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Over on Hollyoaks, Doctor Browning and Mercedes McQueen face a difficult situation in the aftermath of Myra’s false diagnosis. 

Village schemer Browning (Joseph Thompson) has recently fooled Myra into thinking that she is dying. However, when it emerges that there is nothing wrong with her, lawyer Jim McGinn suggests that Myra should sue the hospital for misleading her. 

Browning quickly realises that the potential lawsuit could put his career in jeopardy, so he invites his boss Davies over for dinner in a desperate attempt to stay in his good books. 

Impressed by Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) at the meal, Davies soon makes a shocking suggestion to Browning - he won’t suspend him in return for one night with the feisty McQueen. 

When Mercedes finds out about the indecent proposal, she decides to take Davies up on his offer and heads to a hotel with him. 

Phoebe Jackson is terrified for Mercedes when she discovers what’s going on, as she recognises Davies from when she was Deena’s prisoner last year. However, she is too late to warn Mercedes of the danger she might be in. 

Back at the hotel, it seems that Phoebe’s worst fears might be realised when a furious Davies spots that Mercedes has planted a video camera in the room to blackmail him. Things soon turn nasty as Davies traps Mercedes in the room…

Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Friday, January 25 at 6:30pm on Channel 4. 

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