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Hollyoaks Will Savage (James Atherton) will be hospitalised following a fall, after admitting to a one-night stand with his brother’s girlfriend. 

It will be unclear whether Will was pushed or whether he fell in the new plotline, Soaplife reported. 

Will reveals that he had a one-night stand with Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove), the girlfriend of his brother Dodger, at Dirk’s engagement party at the Chez Chez club. 

Shortly after his confession, he ends up unconscious following a fall from the stairs leading out of the village’s club. 

Will is rushed to hospital following the fall, and it’s a close call as to whether he’ll be okay or not. 

It was recently reported that Will is set to tell a ‘shocking lie’ after confessing to the affair with Texas, in order to get back in favour with his family and friends. 

"Hollyoaks fans will be shocked to the core by Will’s behaviour,” a soap source said. 

"His plan is reckless, and life for Texas may never be the same." 

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