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Asker midnightowwl Asks:
I thought I heard a while ago that Callum and Sinead would get together, could she have slept with him?
everythinghollyoaks everythinghollyoaks Said:

Yeah I thought it might be Callum because of the spoilers in the past that said something could happen between them…but after seeing the episode I personally don’t think it is, just because I can’t see Callum as being someone to walking in, sleep with Sinead, and then walk away without seemingly saying anything. Also because I think, unlike some of the guys, he actually cares about the fact that Sinead is still with Bart and not single. 

  1. jenandtillytogetherjellyandlove said: i think liam i hope any way then hell leave jelly alone wen get bck from there break x
  2. debbiemerls said: I think it could b slimy ally????
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