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Hollyoaks Later returning for sixth series with former stars

Hollyoaks bosses have announced that late-night spinoff show Hollyoaks Lateris returning for a sixth series. 

Former cast members James Redmond (Rory ‘Finn’ Finnigan), Jeremy Edwards (Kurt Benson) and John Pickard (Dom Reilly) will all feature in the new run of after-dark specials. 

This year’s series has been tipped to take viewers “on an epic ride ofHangover-style proportions” as Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) reunites with his old friends and his brother. 

As he continues to battle cancer, Tony will team up with the gang alongside a host of unexpected and unhinged characters throughout Spanish and Moroccan locations. 

Fans can also expect Esther Bloom (Jazmine Franks) and Tilly Evans (Lucy Dixon) to take centre stage in a “chilling” storyline as they celebrate an 18th birthday in a spooky location. 

Elsewhere, Theresa (Jorgie Porter) will join up with a new recruit of the McQueen clan on a wild road trip. 

Hollyoaks Later is currently in pre-production and is due to transmit in the autumn. As usual, five hour-long episodes will air on consecutive nights across one week in a post-watershed time slot. 

Jane Steventon, who took charge of last year’s successful series, will once again be the show’s producer. The series will be executive produced byHollyoaks boss Bryan Kirkwood.

Kirkwood commented: “We are very happy to announce the commissioning of series six of Hollyoaks Later. It is a returning series that gives an annual late night treat to loyal Hollyoaks fans.” 

Lee Mason, Channel 4’s editor for drama commissioning, added: “We’re thrilled to be bringing back Hollyoaks Later for a sixth series and with it some of our best loved Hollyoaks faces.” 

“Tony’s cancer battle is an important story for us to tell and we’re so excited to be able to explore it further within the high octane, highly emotional and sometimes shocking world of Hollyoaks Later.” 

Sarah Jayne Dunn to return as Mandy in ‘Hollyoaks Later’

Sarah Jayne Dunn will reprise her longstanding Hollyoaks role this autumn. 

The actress - who has played Mandy Richardson on and off in the Channel 4 soap since 1996 - will return for the upcoming sixth series of Hollyoaks Later

Dunn’s return was confirmed on her official website, which stated: “Sarah is returning to Hollyoaks to once again reprise her role of Mandy for theHollyoaks Later episodes.” 

"What will be in store for Mandy this time around? Watch this space." 

Hollyoaks Later’s new series will see fan favourite Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) have an epic adventure in Spain and Morocco. 

Mandy was last seen in Hollyoaks in September 2011, when she reunited with ex-husband Tony, but later changed her mind, dumping her on-off partner by letter and leaving the village. 

Danny Dyer is set to play a ruthless ex-pat known as ‘The White Man’ in the new series, which will air in the autumn. 

Hollyoaks Later to spark trouble for Tony Hutchinson

Hollyoaks star Nick Pickard has warned that Tony Hutchinson’s reckless behaviour in this year’s Hollyoaks Later series could have big repercussions for his future. 

The latest run of the E4 spinoff show sees Tony find himself in hot water while carrying out a dodgy deal abroad for bad boy Trevor Royle (Greg Wood). 

Trevor assigns the task to Tony just as he is leaving for a trip to Spain, where his half-brother Dom (John Pickard) is getting married. Feeling pessimistic about his cancer battle, Tony leaves his sensible ways behind and rises to the challenge. 

Pickard told All About Soap of the storyline: “Normally Tony wouldn’t have given Trevor the time of day - it’s not like he’s been sucked into his little domain.” 

"But Tony feels he has nothing left to lose - he thinks he’s going to die, so he wants to do this job for Trevor to create a nest egg for his family. His mentality is, ‘So what if I get caught?’" 

"Tony is in this massively over his head, but you’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out." 

He continued: “It’ll land him in a bit of trouble in times to come, let’s just put it that way. Perhaps we’ll see a few hints in future episodes of Hollyoaks as to what went on abroad.” 

Show bosses have previously announced that Tony’s assignment will see him go head-to-head with a ruthless ex-pat known only as ‘The White Man,’ played by Danny Dyer. 

Hollyoaks introduces Louis McQueen in Hollyoaks Later

Hollyoaks bosses have revealed details of the new McQueen family member who will be featuring in Hollyoaks Later this year. 

Louis McQueen, played by actor Bryan Parry, will appear in a storyline with established character Theresa (Jorgie Porter).

Newcomer Louis is Theresa’s cousin and is in training for the army under the command of Corporal Taylor Wells. 

Theresa goes to stay with Louis to look for potential boyfriends among the squaddies. However, as usual when Theresa is involved, they end up getting into a lot of trouble. 

Show chiefs first teased Louis’s arrival back in June, when it was confirmed that Theresa would be going on a “wild road trip” with the new arrival.

Louis and Theresa’s storyline is one of three major plots running in Later this year. Fans can also expect to see Tony Hutchinson getting into trouble abroad, as well as a chilling story for Esther Bloom and Tilly Evans in a cabin out in the woods. 

Hollyoaks return for Tony Hutchinson’s son Harry

Hollyoaks favourite Tony Hutchinson will be reunited with his estranged son Harry Thompson in the new series of Hollyoaks Later

As seen in Digital’s spy exclusive picture (above), Parry Glasspool has been cast in the role of Harry, becoming the third actor to take on the part. 

Long-time Hollyoaks fans will know that Harry is Tony’s son with old flame Tessie Thompson. 

Tony (Nick Pickard) didn’t know of Harry’s existence until 2007, missing out on the first eight years of his life. Even since then, he has only had infrequent contact with his child. 

In Hollyoaks Later next week, Harry joins Tony as the businessman travels to Spain for his half-brother Dom’s wedding. 

At first there is romance on Harry’s mind as he gets to know a girl who catches his eye at a beach party. 

Later however, events take a much more sinister turn as Tony finds himself in a feud with a mysterious guy known only as ‘The White Man,’ played by Danny Dyer. As a result, Harry is left in serious danger. 

Hollyoaks Later returns on Monday, October 7th at 10pm on E4. 

Duncan Button returns in Hollyoaks Later - first look pictures

Hollyoaks joker Duncan Button makes a surprise return to screens in Hollyoaks Later next week. 

Dean Aspen has reprised his role for an appearance in the new series, which will air across five nights on E4. 

As seen in Digital Spy’s exclusive pictures, Duncan is now in training for the army with new character Louis McQueen (Bryan Parry). 

Both are busy under the command of Captain Harvey Smith and Corporal Taylor Wells, but a distraction soon presents itself when Louis’s cousin Theresa (Jorgie Porter) comes to visit to find a boyfriend among the squaddies. 

Duncan was a regular on Hollyoaks for two years from 2009 and was known for his double act with Ricky Campbell (Ashley Margolis). 

Aspen decided to leave the soap in early 2011 and his exit storyline saw Duncan move to Spain. 

Hollyoaks Later returns on Monday October 7th, at 10pm on E4. 

Hollyoaks Later - Tony Hutchinson in danger with Danny Dyer’s white man

Hollyoaks bosses have released first-look spoiler images showing Tony Hutchinson in serious danger with the ‘White Man’ in Hollyoaks Later. 

The episode will see Tony (Nick Pickard) travel to Spain for his brother Dom’s (John Pickard) wedding. However, he soon finds himself in trouble with the White Man (Danny Dyer) - leading to a dramatic climax.

As previously reported, Tony will be reunited with his estranged son Harry in Spain. However, as Tony’s feud with the White Man escalates, Harry will also find himself at risk. 

Hollyoaks Later returns to E4 on Monday, October 7.

Jeremy Edwards on Kurt’s shock return, ‘I was amazed.’

Jeremy Edwards has spoken to Digital Spy about his shock return to Hollyoaksas Kurt Benson. 

Kurt was killed off in 1999, but will feature on screen in the new series of E4’sHollyoaks Later, appearing as a guardian angel figure for old friend Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) in a time of crisis.

To watch the exclusive video interview with Jeremy Edwards and to read more click the link here

Jazmine Franks talks racy Esther scenes, Later danger

Hollyoaks star Jazmine Franks has spoken to Digital Spy about filming racy scenes for the new series of Hollyoaks Later

The actress’s character Esther Bloom shows a new side to her personality in the after-dark episodes as she nearly has a threesome with girlfriend Tilly (Lucy Dixon) and new friend Jade (Lucy Gape).

For Jazmine’s reaction to the surprising storyline and gossip on what’s to come, follow the link

James Redmond, ‘I’d stay as Finn for right storylines’

Hollyoaks returnee James Redmond has told Digital Spy that he wouldn’t rule out a comeback on the main 6:30pm show. 

Redmond is back on screens as Rory ‘Finn’ Finnegan in E4’s Hollyoaks Laternext week as a special storyline sees Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) reunite with various faces from his past on a trip abroad. 

When Digital Spy met up with Redmond in London recently, they asked whether he would reprise his role on a longer-term basis. To see his response, and to read more, follow the link

John Pickard on return story, ‘Prison changed Dom’

Hollyoaks returnee John Pickard has spoken to Digital Spy about his upcoming return storyline, which sees his character Dominic Reilly reunited with his half-brother Tony Hutchinson in Hollyoaks Later. 

After spending time in prison, Dom is now getting married to a woman named Carlotta in Spain. This prompts Tony to make the trip abroad with Dom and old friend Finn, and an epic adventure for the men soon follows. 

For all the Hollyoaks Later gossip, and Dom’s role in the series, follow the link for an exclusive video interview. 

Tony blackmailed by Trevor - spoiler pictures

This is the moment that Hollyoaks favourite Tony Hutchinson is set a risky task evil Trevor Royle in tonight’s opening episode of Hollyoaks Later (October 7).

Trevor seizes an opportunity when he learns that Tony (Nick Pickard) is travelling to Spain for the wedding of his half-brother Dominic Reilly.

Feeling totally beaten in his fight against cancer, Tony decides to make the trip even though he is due to have another important operation at the hospital.

As Tony is preparing to leave, Trevor (Greg Wood) confronts him and declares that he must deliver a dodgy package while he’s abroad, or else his family will be harmed.

Twisted as ever, Trevor promises to give Tony £20,000 in exchange for a job well done - spitefully claiming that it will help to provide for his family when the cancer beats him. 

Trevor’s blackmail will lead to Tony getting into trouble abroad with Danny Dyer’s mysterious character ‘The White Man.’ 

Hollyoaks Later kicks off tonight at 10pm on E4. 

Esther agrees to a threesome - spoiler pictures

Here’s a first look at the moment that Esther Bloom agrees to have a threesome in Hollyoaks Later this week. 

Esther, played by Jazmine Franks, is ready to try something new as she celebrates turning 18 at an isolated country house with the other teens.

Viewers will see that Esther and her girlfriend Tilly Evans (Lucy Dixon) are pushed into the idea by newcomer Jade (Lucy Gape), who recently joined the main 6:30pm show. 

When Jade finally manages to convince the couple to have a threesome with her, the girls get passionate upstairs - only for Esther to pull out at the last minute and send Jade away. 

Esther’s change of heart will infuriate Jade, who subsequently shows a terrifying sinister side.

As the series unfolds, it becomes clear that Jade is hiding a dark secret and when her true colours are exposed, terrible danger lies ahead for Esther, Tilly and their friends Holly and Callum.

Hollyoaks Later airs these scenes tomorrow (October 8) at 10pm on E4.

Spoiler Pictures - Wes comes back to haunt Holly

Hollyoaks Later villain Wes Anderson causes more terror in tonight’s episode (October 9) as he confronts the teens with a shotgun. 

Last night, viewers saw Wes (Jordan Dawes) put Holly Cunningham through a traumatic experience by forcing her to follow his perverted instructions in an upstairs bedroom. 

As a new day dawns on the teens’ holiday in the latest episode, Holly (Wallis Day) is shocked to find Wes tied up in a cupboard following their alteration the previous night. 

Still disgusted with his behaviour, Holly shuts the door on him and leaves him there. 

Unfortunately for Holly, she still hasn’t seen the last of Wes as he later makes a shock reappearance while she is taking a walk through the woods with Tilly (Lucy Dixon) and Jade (Lucy Gape). 

When the girls don’t do exactly as he says, Wes fires a shot towards Jade and sends them fleeing. 

Spoiler Pictures - Shock kiss for Theresa, Louis

Hollyoaks newcomer Louis McQueen will make a move on his cousin Theresa in Hollyoaks Later tonight (October 9). 

Viewers of the after-dark series have already seen Louis (Bryan Parry) show a romantic interest in his army boss Corporal Taylor Wells. 

Although the pair seemed to be getting closer in last night’s episode, Taylor will soon reject Louis after he puts his heart on the line and admits his feelings for her. 

Hurt and angry, Louis turns to alcohol for comfort, unaware that an unsure Taylor was merely covering her own feelings. 

When Theresa (Jorgie Porter) tries to make Louis feel better, his attention turns to another possible romance as he leans in to kiss her.