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Hollyoaks stars Nick Pickard and James Sutton have tipped the show for success at this year’s British Soap Awards. 

The Channel 4 soap has been nominated in every category for the first round of viewer voting. Last year’s annual soap awards was a hugely successful night for the serial, earning them five awards. 

Speaking on Lorraine today (April 17) about whether they can continue their success this year, Pickard said: “I’d like to think so. We did really well last year. We got five awards, so I think we can do a few more this year, which will be nice.” 

Pickard, who plays Tony Hutchinson, is currently nominated for the Best Actor award alongside co-stars Kieron Richardson and Jeremy Sheffield. 

He said: “I am nominated with Jeremy and Kieron Richardson from the show. It would be nice to get one, but it is just a great night. It’s fantastic. I think we make the most noise, without a doubt.” 

Sutton, who plays John Paul McQueen, added: “I think we are nominated in every category, and we would love to get shortlisted in every category because Hollyoaks tells wonderful stories.” 

He continued: “We have these really loud, fun storylines but we also cover really sensitive, important issues. Our audience is predominately quite young, and we tell these important stories for them, so we would love to get some awards for it.” 

Viewers will know that Pickard and Sutton have both tackled hard-hitting storylines over the last year. Long-standing character Tony was diagnosed with testicular cancer last April, while John Paul was sexually attacked earlier this year by Finn O’Connor, who is one of his students. 

Pickard said: “I was very privileged to be given the storyline. It’s quite harrowing, but I was really pleased to be given the storyline. We went to a lot of places with it.”

Speaking about his own storyline, Sutton added: “Again, like Nick, I have been very lucky to have been given quite an important storyline.”

"You feel a certain amount of responsibility to do it justice, really. We worked closely with Survivors in Manchester, which is a male sexual assault group. We worked with them and we did our research, and we are very proud of it. It is a wonderful time for Hollyoaks. We do some good stuff.”

Hollyoaks star Nikki Sanderson is currently involved in one of the soap’s darkest storylines, as her character Maxine Minniver remains in an abusive relationship with Hollyoaks High headteacher Patrick Blake. 

Last week, Maxine finally found the strength to leave Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) but it wasn’t long before he manipulated her into giving him another chance. 

Off-screen, Nikki has been working with the Home Office to raise awareness of domestic violence. She has also been nominated for Best Actress in the British Soap Awards 2014 longlist, which is currently being voted for by fans. 

Digital Spy recently caught up with Nikki to chat about the Soap Awards recognition and the latest twists in the Maxine and Patrick story. 

To read the full interview follow the link

Monday 21st: 

  • Sam is furiously searching for Fraser, while Tegan considers running away with the man she loves. Sam makes a deal with Marlow, but when Marlow meets Fraser, he gives the game away and is terrified at what Fraser might do. 
  • Leela and Danny panic when they realise what Tegan is planning. Danny bumps into Fraser in The Dog car park and pleads with him not to take Tegan and Rose away. Fraser punches Danny, leaving him winded on the ground and desperate to stop this man taking his daughter and granddaughter away. 
  • In the aftermath of last week’s events, Joe decides that he’s going to kill Fraser, leaving Lindsey and Freddie desperately worried about his safety. 
  • Trevor is still furious with Grace and tells her that they need to kill Fraser before he kills them. He finds out where Fraser is and goes for revenge. However, when Trevor gets to Fraser’s flat, Fraser is waiting for him with a gun. Fraser taunts Trevor about his dad and Trevor reaches for the gun. 
  • Cindy is desperate to get Dirk back, but he’s staying strong. She goes to the boat and asks him to forgive her - she has brought her bags and she wants to move in with him. Dirk can’t help but say yes. 
  • Holly is furious when she finds out her mum has moved them into the boat. She goes to confront her mother, but screams when she sees a body floating in the water. 

Tuesday 22nd: 

  • Danny returns to the Lomax house after his ordeal with Fraser. He’s shaking and Sam is concerned about what he’s done. Sam, Leela and Ste try to comfort him, but when Sam gets a call about the dead body in the river and hears that the police think it’s Fraser, she wonder whether her husband could be capable of murder. 
  • A clueless Tegan is waiting for Fraser to meet her and Rose. She is heartbroken when she gets a call from Leela to tell her that they think the dead body is Fraser. 
  • On hearing the latest about his boss, Ste rushes to see Sinead and tell her the truth about the crash and DS Sykes. Sinead asks Ste whether she’s meant to be grateful and despairs that now she’ll never get justice. Will Sinead’s reaction send Ste on a downward spiral? 
  • Joe turns up at The Hutch in a different set of clothes from those he was wearing earlier. Freddie is angry at his brother for worrying Lindsey. The two siblings fight and are arrested. 
  • Mercedes cosies up to a brooding Trevor. 

Wednesday 23rd: 

  • Trevor returns home, stuffs his clothes into a plastic bag and hides them under the sofa. Grace arrives and questions whether he killed Fraser. Trevor denies it and is concerned when Grace tells him that she’s going to run the business now. 
  • Later on, while searching for The Loft keys, Grace finds Trevor’s clothes under the sofa, but when Sonny arrives, she decides to give her boyfriend an alibi. 
  • Lindsey is suspicious about whether Joe had something to do with Fraser’s death after his threat. He reassures her that he just went for a walk, but when Sandy sorts Joe’s washing out, she notices dried blood on his clothes. With suspicions rife in the Roscoe household, will the family turn on each other? 
  • After discovering a body, a freaked out Holly wants Jason to flee the village with her. 
  • Sam finds an e-ticket for Fraser and Rose, but Tegan’s name isn’t on it. Knowing this gives spurned Tegan a motive, Sam pockets the evidence and tells Danny what she’s done. 

Thursday 24th: 

  • Grace wants justice. Will anything or anyone stand in her way?
  • The net is closing in on the Lomaxes. How far is Ste prepared to go to protect himself and his family? And how will they react when Sonny and his officers arrest Tegan on suspicion of murder? 
  • Lindsey and Sandy want answers, but will they like what they hear?
  • Jason is furious when he spots Holly stealing money from his wallet in order to fund her plan to flee to London. 

Friday 25th: 

  • A new development in the murder enquiry sends shockwaves through the village. 
  • Guilty feelings are running high at the Lomax and Roscoe households. 
  • Grace attempts business as usual. Who will cause this steely facade to crack? 
  • As Holly is determined to go ahead with her plan, what does Jason have up his sleeve? 

Monday 14th: 

  • Leela can’t believe that Ste would be capable of killing anyone, but when she finds a Mercedes car key fob at his home, she fears that her suspicions have just been confirmed. At the same time, Fraser intercepts Tegan at the police station and asks her to move in with him. 
  • Sinead is horrified when Sam and Sonny turn up at the boarding house and arrest Ste. However, Sinead doesn’t believe that Ste was responsible and neither does Sam. 
  • Sinead decides that the hospital need to take the blame for what happened to Katy, and Lindsey is suspended. 
  • Joe is determined to make Fraser pay. 

Tuesday 15th: 

  • Ste appears in court and is granted bail. 
  • Sinead has to be escorted out of court when she screams at Ste to tell them that he didn’t do it. 
  • Joe asks Trevor to help him get revenge. 
  • Grace is nervous when Trevor fills her in on Joe’s willingness to kill her dad. Joe and Trevor manage to convince her that they’re all on the same side, but is Joe walking into a trap?
  • Sonny knows he has Jim’s DVD confession about Fraser’s true identity, but will he use it to help Ste and lose Carmel?
  • Tegan makes a shock confession to her family, and will Sandy allow Fraser back into her life? 

Wednesday 16th: 

  • Unaware that he’s the fall guy, Joe continues to plot with Grace and Trevor. Joe tells them about his plan to poison Fraser in his own car. 
  • Knowing her dad and Sandy will be going to the emergency services ball tomorrow, Grace organises a limo for them and tells Joe this is the car he needs to rig. Joe is completely unaware that while he is planning to kill Grace’s dad, she is planning to kill him mum too. 
  • Sonny is intrigued when Carmel tells him that she has got a surprise planned. She gives Sonny a pamper day, but they’re interrupted by Sam, who is determined to get the truth. 
  • Nana is collecting items to sell and pockets the secret DVD of Jim, which has been hidden in a Legally Blonde case. She takes the box of junk to the emporium and Dennis buys it from her, not realising that he has a crucial piece of evidence in his possession. 
  • Sonny decides he needs to hand over the DVD to Sam, despite the consequences. However, he can’t find it and begs Nana to tell him where it is. 

Thursday 17th: 

  • As Joe hands the limo keys to the designated chauffeur and runs through the plan, Sandy agrees to attend the ball with her husband. Soon afterwards, the limo arrives to pick Sandy and Fraser up. 
  • Later at the Roscoes’, Joe is horrified to find out that his mum is with Fraser. 
  • Grace has second thoughts about the plan when she finds a box of childhood mementos that Fraser has kept of her and Clare. 
  • Ste stumbles upon new evidence, but what will he do with it?
  • Mercedes blags herself a ticket to the emergency services ball when Cindy gets asked out by a handsome doctor. Can Mercedes persuade Cindy to keep her options open and go to the ball?

Friday 18th: 

  • Will Joe and Freddie get to Sandy in time to save her?
  • Trevor is shocked that Grace knew about Sandy and becomes desperate to flee before the choice is taken out of his hands. 
  • When Cindy gets to the ball, she realises that all she wants is Dirk and her children. She leaves a frustrated Mercedes behind, but as she returns to the village, Dirk spots her. He figures out what she did and leaves her heartbroken and guilty. 
  • Tegan is left with a life-changing decision to make. 

Hollyoaks actress Tamara Wall has confirmed that her character Grace Black will “be the most obvious suspect” when her father Fraser is murdered. 

Fraser’s final scenes will air in a fortnight’s time as one of his many enemies takes drastic steps to get rid of him, kicking off a new mystery storyline for the Channel 4 soap. 

In the aftermath of the villain’s shock death, Grace is among those acting in a suspicious manner, as she seems determined to escape police scrutiny by pinning the crime on someone else. 

Wall told All About Soap: “There are so many people in the whodunit lineup, but Grace is the most obvious suspect. Many people will think it’s her, but the list of potential killers goes on and on. Right after Fraser is killed, Grace is on the warpath to try and blame someone for the crime.” 

"She wants to pin it on Tegan first. Then Grace finds a bag of clothes in a bin liner under the sofa in her and Trevor’s flat, and when she asks him about it, he acts a bit dodgy. She ends up getting him arrested, which is awful. Not only has she lost her dad, she’s lost the love of her life." 

Fraser’s demise puts Grace in charge of the Black family empire, which may leave some fans wondering whether this was her plan all along. 

Wall added: “You do have to wonder if Grace, being the twisted person she is, has done the whole thing just to get hold of Fraser’s money!”

"It would be a great storyline - her actually murdering her own dad. But I don’t want it to be Grace, since that means she’ll have to go to prison. I’m hoping viewers will stick with Grace because she does get a lot more fun, I promise."

Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson has had a busy few weeks on screen as his alter ego Ste Hay has been caught up in dramas with John Paul McQueen, Sinead Roscoe and the village’s gangsters. 

Life won’t get any easier for Ste over the next few weeks as a darker storyline for him kicks off in May, allowing the popular character to take centre stage in his own right. 

Off-screen, Kieron is also in the running for the Best Actor prize in this year’s British Soap Awards long list, which is currently being voted for by fans. 

Digital Spy recently caught up with Kieron to hear about Ste’s next big storyline, the upcoming ‘Who Killed Fraser?’ plot, the awards nomination and much more. 

To read the full interview follow the link

Hollyoaks star Ayden Callaghan has revealed that he thinks his on-screen mother Sandy Roscoe could be responsible for Fraser Black’s murder. 

As previously reported, Fraser (Jesse Birdsall) will meet an untimely demise in a dramatic new plot making several village residents a suspect. 

However, Callaghan, who plays Joe in the Channel 4 soap, has admitted that the cast are currently all in the dark over the identity of the culprit. 

Speaking to Inside Soap, Callaghan said: “I was in a restaurant the other day with Tamara Wall (Grace), Charlie Wernham (Robbie), Joe Tracini (Dennis) and my girlfriend. We were gossiping about who it could be like we were fans on Twitter.” 

"I keep changing my mind every day, but I am wondering if the killer will Sandy. She’s a mum who’ll do anything to protect her family." 

Speaking about his character’s own reasons for wanting Fraser dead, Callaghan said: “When Joe wakes up, he remembers pretty much everything that happened to him at the hands of Grace.” 

"He’s also well on to Fraser, and knows what the guy is capable of. Joe wants Fraser gone and away from his mother Sandy." 

"I’ve got tons of scripts. And they’re full of lies, betrayal and double-bluffs. To sum it all up, it’s carnage." 

Monday 7th: 

  • Trevor sits at Joe’s bedside to keep watch. Suddenly Joe grabs Trevor’s arm and asks for help, and Trevor is left intrigued when Joe asks if he can ‘take care’ of Fraser. 
  • After a call from Trevor, Fraser and Grace arrive at the hospital - but Joe is missing. Soon afterwards, Joe returns to the village, still dressed in his nightgown. 
  • Mercedes tells Lindsey to go for it with Freddie if it’s what she really wants. Freddie bumps into Lindsey at the hospital and tells her that he’s going to leave before he screws everything up, but he can’t do it and they kiss. However, they’re interrupted when Lindsey’s pager goes off and Freddie soon gets the shock of his life. 
  • Sienna finds out that Maxine is pregnant when she answers the phone to the abortion clinic. Sienna questions who the father is and Maxine worries that it might be the guy from the club, who Patrick lied about seeing her with. 
  • Dennis concerned for his friend, whilst Dodger is given hope of a rekindled relationship. 

Tuesday 8th: 

  • In the aftermath of what’s happened, does Lindsey still feel the same way towards Freddie?
  • Fraser has recorded Lindsey and Freddie talking about their romance and blackmails his son-in-law to get his account book back. 
  • Grace is furious at Trevor - why would he betray her like this?
  • Patrick is furious when he returns home and finds Dodger in the flat with Maxine. He picks up a belt, ready to hit Maxine and she is forced to tell him that she’s pregnant. Later, Maxine has had enough of Patrick and moves into the boarding house. 

Wednesday 9th: 

  • Grace and Trevor have decided to leave for good. Trevor is relieved when they get as far as the airport, but when Grace gets a call from her dad telling her that he loves her, she feels she needs to go back. Trevor makes her choose - him or Fraser. 
  • Freddie and Lindsey are left with little choice but to reveal the truth, but are they too late? 
  • With Maxine now staying at the boarding house, a giddy Dennis tells Dodger what has happened and urges him to go to Maxine. At the same time, as Patrick tries his manipulative best, will he save his relationship with Maxine? 
  • Sonny is determined to find out the truth about Katy’s death. He tells Lindsey that he’s expecting Katy’s post-mortem results soon and if there’s anything she thinks she could have overlooked, she’d be wise to flag it up now. 

Thursday 10th: 

  • Ste if furious when he finds out that Tony and Diane have arranged Katy’s funeral for today and not told Sinead. He goes to the hospital with Esther, George and Blessing and tells Sinead what is happening. 
  • The doctors and Ste are all frantic when they realise that Sinead is on the hospital roof. Ste goes to the roof and gently encourages Sinead to step away from the edge, and she collapses into his arms. 
  • The Roscoes, Diane, Tony, Finn, Esther, George and Blessing all gather as the hearse pulls into the village. Diane spots Sinead, heartbroken and ready to say goodbye to her baby. However, Diane tells Sinead that she’s not welcome at the church. Sinead chases after the hearse but is stopped by Sonny, who hands her Katy’s post-mortem results. 
  • Grace leaves Trevor astounded by telling him that she wants Fraser dead. 

Friday 11th: 

  • Diane stands at the front of the church to say a few words at Katy’s funeral, but is interrupted by a grief stricken Sinead. 
  • Will Grace still be intent on following through with her evil plan? 
  • Leela realises that Tegan knows who the driver was and jumps to the conclusion that Tegan is protecting Ste. 
  • Ste is gutted to realise that he’s receiving the full brunt of Fraser’s lies. 

Hollyoaks star Ayden Callaghan has revealed that his character Joe Roscoe will soon try to form a surprising alliance with Trevor Royle. 

Joe has been in a coma since Trevor’s girlfriend Grace Black tried to kill him in January, but next month he finally regains consciousness in hospital. 

Viewers will see that Joe is still physically weakened from his injuries. Blaming Grace’s father Fraser for his condition, he decides to team up with Trevor (Greg Wood) to deal with the village’s head gangster once and for all. 

Callaghan told All About Soap: “It’s kind of like saying - my enemy’s enemy is my friend. All Joe’s chips are in and as far as he’s concerned, it’s do or die. He doesn’t have a lot of options left at this time.”

"He takes a big gamble to form an alliance with Trevor to get rid of their mutual problem - Fraser - because Joe knows full well that in his current state he’s not going to be able to do it on his own." 

On how Trevor responds, the actor added: “I can’t possibly reveal that! He and Joe have a heart-to-heart, and I’m not going to give away too much, but Trevor fills in a good number of blanks for Joe. He certainly sets up other problems he has to deal with emotionally and physically.” 

Some of Trevor’s revelations include details of the lies that Freddie has been telling Joe’s fiancée Lindsey Butterfield and the rest of his family since his disappearance. However, Joe decides to avoid an immediate confrontation with his brother.

Callaghan added: “He’s more about keeping his friends close and his enemies closer at this stage. Lindsey is the love of Joe’s life. And a lot of the stuff that has happened while he’s been in a coma is going to hit him further down the line.”

"Joe needs to get rid of Fraser - that’s his immediate concern. Maybe his issues with Lindsey and Freddie, and Grace and Trevor, will take a back seat - but none of those are forgotten, don’t worry."

Joe’s fury over Fraser could make him one of the prime suspects when the villain is killed in mysterious circumstances next month. 

Hollyoaks actor Keith Rice has said that he would like to see his character Finn O’Connor receive professional help after he gets his comeuppance. 

Finn is currently at the centre of a long-running storyline as he is still trying to cover his tracks after raping his teacher John Paul McQueen in January. 

While Finn has so far managed to avoid punishment for his crime, Rice told Unreality TV: “Finn is going to get his comeuppance, and that is one of the things that we absolutely stress.” 

On where the story could go afterwards, he continued: “If what he did was to come out and he ends up going to a youth offenders or something like that, I would love to see him explored in a way that delves into why he is like the way he is.” 

"I would love to film scenes with Finn and a psychiatrist trying to explore what goes on in Finn’s mind, and touch on what goes on in a teenager’s mind in general. I would love to see someone professional trying to get through to Finn to see if there was any sort of hope left for him." 

Rice added: “But of course above all I want John Paul to get justice, and Finn to get his comeuppance, but it would be great for the storyline to carry on from there.” 

Viewers have seen John Paul’s life crumble in the aftermath of Finn’s attack, culminating in him being arrested and charged for punching Robbie Roscoe (Charlie Wernham).

Last week, Robbie tried to clear the schoolteacher’s name but was thwarted when Finn stayed one step ahead, which led to John Paul (James Sutton) receiving a six-month jail sentence. 

John Paul will next appear on screen on April 4, when Sam Lomax visits him in prison after becoming suspicious over his affair with her husband Danny.